SOSP committees and responsibilities


Membership and Outreach

  • Define benefits of SOSP membership

  • Recruit new members 

  • Run Board of Directors elections

  • Manage membership application and renewal processes


  • Professionalize SOSP outreach and recruitment materials

  • Publish quarterly SOSP newsletter

  • Retain members through strategic communications and delivery of benefits

  • Build and maintain web-based member benefits


  • Determine 1, 2, 5 year funding targets for both SOSP and SOSS

  • Pursue relevant funding opportunities

  • Coordinate with OSA regarding budget and funders

SOSS Planning 

  • Support the SOSS planning process

  • Create Planning Handbook that includes both philosophical goals and details for symposium planning

Strategic Planning

  • Define spheres of influence and decision-making responsibilities for both SOSP and SOSS

  • Determine financial interactions of SOSP and SOSS

  • Identify former SOSS planning committee members and reach out to them about joining SOSP committees

  • When attending SOSS, connect with attendees and encourage them to join a committee

  • Understand committee needs/vacancies


SOSP members do not have to be elected to the board to serve on committees! If you're interested in getting more involved with the society by serving on a committee, please email